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Explore careers, daily life, income potential and good and bad stories from real people doing real work.

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Why Vitaes?

Learn about cool careers you NEVER knew existed.

Information from someone in their field is the BEST way to understand their job.

Hear unique insights from successful BIPOC profiles working in their field.

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I was drifting through life without a purpose but then I discovered Vitaes.com and I was inspired to pursue my career dreams. Now, having started my own company, I have achieved a level of satisfaction that I never thought was possible. The pay is good too. Thanks Vitaes.com.


Though I had some ideas of what kind of career I wanted, I could not really settle on the right path till I visited Vitaes.com. From the videos I watched I received a better understanding of the requirements, duties and benefits of a number of vocations that I was interesting in. Vitaes.com gave me the information to make the best choice.

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I had struggled after high school not knowing what I should do with my life. Vitaes.com showed me different possibilities from testimonies from real individuals just like myself. My struggle to find a career ended when I found Vitaes.com.

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